The Other Side of 50

Janet Maz

I recently celebrated my 60th Birthday! The first celebration came on our annual holiday trip with family. Joe (my wonderful husband) and I host the kids each year at Christmas time in a beach setting and make it the “gift”. We love the special time together and selfishly, we capture our adult children and most of their attention for an extended period of time. That’s their gift to us. This year’s trip was to Mazatlan, Mexico.We enjoyed some of the historical city sites along with some pool and beach days. We rented a villa at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Estates and celebrated both Christmas and my birthday. Our wedding anniversary falls within this time frame, as well, so we all have ample opportunity to get carried away. The kids have often remarked, “What are we celebrating today”? We spent one day taking a tequila distillery tour and stopping for lunch in the most adorable little village of El Quelite. The Restaurante El Meson de los Laureanos featured a farm to table menu that was absolutely delicious. My mouth still waters when I think of the enchilada plate that I enjoyed.

Group picture in Tucson 60

And then, there’s these folks! The second celebration came in Tucson, Arizona where some dear friends of ours hosted a few couples for a long weekend of golf and relaxation. We laughed until our sides hurt, frolicked in their swimming pool and enjoyed The Gallery, a beautiful desert golf course with stunning mountain views. It doesn’t get any better than being surrounded by good friends. I’ve known these friends forever (well, okay…30 years and more in some cases).

I’ve decided to count my lucky stars and embrace this BIG birthday. There are so many friends and family that never had the privilege of growing old. So here’s to 60! My intention is to make the most of this year of life and all that comes with it.